Positive Behaviour



“Every child has a right to as much positive praise as possible”


“Every child also has a responsibility to ensure their behaviour does not interfere with their learning or that of their peers”

At Heathfield Primary and Nursery School we like to work alongside parents/carers and encourage children to develop as fully as possible. We want to help our children to grow, socially, emotionally, personally and academically.

This leaflet explains how we continue to promote good behaviour through our Positive Behaviour Management systems and strategies.

The principal aim of our school is for all children to achieve their full potential in an ethos of learning, harmony, mutual support, respect and enjoyment. We are committed to enriching the life experiences of all our pupils whilst equipping them to become successful citizens and life-long learners. Our positive approach to behaviour management looks to ensure that inappropriate behaviour is not a barrier to pupils’ learning.

We have six whole school rules that explicitly state our expectations for pupils’ conduct. These apply to all children in school and are displayed in classrooms and corridors:-

  1. Do as you are asked the first time.
  2. Put your hand up if you want to speak.
  3. Keep your hands, feet and hurtful comments to yourself.
  4. Listen carefully and with respect.
  5. Do your best at all times.
  6. Respect other people’s property.

We want to encourage positive behaviours and attitudes in every area of school life, for example: entering and leaving school; in toilets and corridors, at lunch and break times; in the playground; as well as during classroom hours.

Download: Behaviour booklet for parents 2015