Curriculum Plans

Our Curriculum

The principal aim of the school is for all children to enjoy and achieve within an ethos of learning, harmony, mutual support and respect.

Heathfield has a long track record of high-quality engaging education for children in Nottingham through memorable first-hand experiences.

Our curriculum stems from understanding our children’s needs and contexts, their knowledge and skills.

Our curriculum, guided by the Heathfield Pledge, is:

  • ambitious
  • broad and balanced
  • creative
  • nurturing

Our Early Years provision at Heathfield sets solid foundations for the development of the whole child bringing to life a nurturing and stimulating learning experience which, with a focus on early literacy and maths skills, ensures they are school ready.

With children at the heart, we offer an enriched curriculum designed to make learning meaningful; delivered through quality first teaching.  Our creative topics immerse children into high-quality texts and vocabulary to foster a love of reading.

The curriculum is sequenced to ensure progression across all year groups and subject areas and is guided by timely and effective assessment and intervention in a variety of forms. It is strengthened by our CPD pathway for staff. The climate for learning and high expectations of everyone at Heathfield allows children to enjoy and achieve, in a safe and supportive environment, from often low starting points to comparing favourably to national outcomes at the end of year 6.  They are able to apply their skills and knowledge in order to leave Heathfield equipped to successfully access their next stage in learning and to go on to be good citizens who make a positive contribution.

Topic Cycle A – 2020-21

Topic Cycle B – 2021-22

Current Topic Plans

Below are links to the current topic plans for each phase.



Year 1&2

Year 3&4

Year 5&6

Long Term Plans for Each Phase

Phases plan on a two-year cycle to accommodate both year groups in the phase and mixed classes at Scotland Road.  Our phase teams work hard to ensure the children receive a varied curriculum with National Curriculum at the very heart of the expectations and coverage.

Click on the Phase to see their Long Term Plans

 EYFS           Year 1&2           Year 3&4            Year 5&6

Half-termly topic overviews are sent out to parents prior to the half term holiday so families are aware of things they could do to dive head first into the topic!


Due to our belief that every child should have every opportunity to achieve to the best of their ability, we are incredibly flexible with the duration of time spent on each area of the mathematics curriculum. Teachers will use their professional judgement when deciding how long to spend on each objective with individual classes & children.

Maths Overview

Maths Long Term Plan 


English Overview

English Long Term Plan

English Progression of Text Features 

Key Stage 1 Phonics and Reading Scheme

  • Phonics: We follow Read, Write Inc as our Phonics programme.
  • We use the Read, Write Inc Decodable Book Bag Books supplemented by picture/paperback books as ‘library books’ in the children’s book-bags.
  • Tricky (Red) Words linked to Read, Write, Inc are sent home for extra practise

Subject Pathways

Our subject pathways map out the progression of skills, knoweldge and vocubulary for our Foundation subjects from EYFS to Year 6.

Further Information

If you would like any further information about any aspects of the curriculum at Heathfield, please contact the school office who will be able to put you in touch with the appropriate member of staff.