Meet the Governors

Chair of Governors—Phil Haywood

Governor-Phil-HaywoodI have been a Governor for 6 years. I am currently Chair of Governors at both Heathfield School and William Booth School.

I was a pupil at Heathfield School from 1977 and I hold this school really close to my heart. I am passionate that every child is given the best possible chance at an excellent education and will strive to ensure that this happens at Heathfield

Vice chair—Julie Nicholson

Governor-Julie-NicholsonI first became a governor when my son started at Heathfield in Y1….. He’s now 14. I really wanted to be part of his education journey and felt being a Governor would be the best way. To have an insight into the inner workings of the school and the amazing job the staff do is truly amazing. In my day job I work for a Bank and my finance background has really added value to the governing body when we are discussing budgets and how the money will be spent. In my time as a governor I have seen the school grow and become a fantastic place not just for education but a place for lasting friendships to be made. From first seeing the foundation unit plans to seeing it being built, used and enjoyed by the children has been such a proud moment. Now the next phase of the school development with the new build is a really exciting time for us all and will enhance our children’s education experience.

Julia Dickens

Governor-Julia-DickensAs the new Deputy Headteacher of Heathfield Primary in September 2014, I welcomed the opportunity to become a member of the Governing Body of the school.  It is my first experience of being part of such a team and I can see the importance of having a group of individuals, with a range of skills and backgrounds, representing the children, parents, staff and community of the school.  I hope to support all stakeholders in ensuring we provide the best possible education for our children.

Natalie Foster

Governor-Natalie-FosterI have been a Governor at Heathfield since 2009 and am Chair of the Extended Services Committee. In this role I work closely with the staff of the Breakfast, Afterschool and Holiday club provision and we strive to make these services meet the needs of our parents, while providing a stimulating, fun and nurturing service for the children that access them. I am also responsible for Governor training and in this capacity I aim to ensure our Governors can get all the training they need to support them in their role and continue to help run the school effectively. I have two children, a son who is currently in Year 3 and my daughter who will be coming to Heathfield in the next couple of years. As a governor I gain a unique insight into how the school is run and it is very rewarding for me to be a part of helping our school to continue to improve.

Amelia Fraser

Governor-Amelia-FraserI was elected as Parent Governor in October 2014 and I have loved being part of the team. I have two sons, my eldest is currently in Year 2 and I hope my youngest will be lucky enough to be a part of Heathfield School when he is ready to begin his education in a couple of years. My role as Parent Governor is extremely important to me and it is a responsibility I feel very lucky to have. Our children are very precious and they deserve the best opportunities we can give them. Heathfield is an exceptional school with a very committed staff. Each one of them, whatever their role, has the very best interests of the children at heart. Being a member of the Governing Body gives me an insight into how the teachers and staff aim to achieve the goals. I hope to continue fulfil my role to the best of my ability and representing your views as parents to help Heathfield continue to improve and become an even better school that it already is.

 Karen Papp

Governor-Karen-PappMy name is Karen Papp, I’m the Learning & Attendance Mentor at Heathfield Primary and have been on the Governing Board since November 2007. Being on the Governing Board allows me a holistic overview of how the school is maintained and managed, allowing me to appreciate the dedication and commitment of the Heathfield staff to create a stimulating and challenging environment. To me, the Governing Body is the instrument by which we challenge ourselves that we are providing the very best for our families to enable our pupils to have the tools they need to learn and achieve their full potential.


 Marcia Puckey OBE

Governor-Marcia-PuckeyI love still being being involved in education at Heathfield because all my working life I have worked in schools. I was a pupil in Nottingham Schools and came as an NQT to work in the City more than 50 years ago. I was appointed at the age of 28 to be the Headteacher of Bosworth Infant School in the old Meadows before opening a new school – Hempshill Hall Primary School in Bulwell in 1973. I stayed there until I retired in 2008, building it from 37 children to over 300 and having three inspections where the school was created ‘Outstanding’ every time. On retiring from Hemphill Hall I was asked to take over Haydn Primary School which was in ‘Special Measures’ and was there for a year before a new Head Teacher was appointed. It is now an ‘Outstanding’ school. Since then I have kept my links with education by being on the governing body of three city schools. I am currently in charge of reorganising the school meals for 12 Inner City schools which are part of the LEAD Academy Trust. I cannot stop trying to improve the education for all City children!

Helen Fores

I am one of the Assistant Headteachers at Heathfield as well as a staff member of our Governing Body. Most of our parents/carers with older children will know me well as I have worked at Heathfield since 2008. However, if your child has only just started at our lovely school, you may have met me as I have been on maternity leave with my second little boy, Tommy, since January 2015. As you’d expect, when I’m not teaching I am kept very busy by my two little boys. I am looking forward to returning to work in January 2016 however, throughout my maternity leave I have kept up to date with all things school related through my attendance at Governing Body meetings. I really enjoy being a part of the Governing Body at Heathfield and have been an active member for 3 years now. It allows me to take a greater involvement in the strategic running and development of our school and as a member of staff, I am able to share the thoughts and ideas of all other members of staff with the whole Governing Body, as and when they arise.

Clair Taylor

I am co opted  governor, I have 2 daughters, aged 15 and 10. I was impressed with the wonderful ethos and learning environment that Heathfield provides from when I first registered my eldest daughter at the nursery in 2003. When a governor vacancy came up in 2009 I embraced the chance to learn more about how the school is run and how I could support staff in championing the high standards and opportunities that are available for the children and families of Heathfield. Professionally I am a senior staff nurse, with 20 years experience of team work, leadership and management. I think healthcare and education have lots of parallels, giving me an understanding but a different perspective, my insightful contributions,  I hope, help with decision making and plans that can enable the school to go from strength to strength and promote the safety, well being and  educational success of the children.

Pete Cumberland

I have been Clerk to the Governors of Heathfield Primary and Nursery Governing Body for the past four years. I joined the clerking services of Nottingham City Council in 2003.   I have served as a governor in Primary, Secondary and College governing bodies for many years and have spent 20 years as a chair of governors. I fully recognise the difficult and responsible role that governors now have and therefore my main aim is to support and help governing bodies to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. I was in fact a pupil at Heathfield Primary school (formerly Scotland Road School) in the 1950s and therefore I have found it to be very interesting to return to my old school after such a long time to see how things have changed so dramatically.