Nursery – Seahorse and Jellyfish Class

Home Learning Pack

Every Monday we will upload a new home learning pack to support your child’s learning for the week ahead onto Microsoft Teams. Inside the pack, you will have:

  • A weekly timetable for phonics, number time and topic learning, which contains an overview of the daily activities and what resources will be needed.
  • Additional resources to support our learning activities.
  • Recommended websites and apps to support the delivery of our curriculum.

There will be paper copies available at the school office for you to collect.

Learning challenges

Across the week, we will be using the Evidence Me app to send out learning challenges. These will be short video clips recorded by your child’s teacher to set a task for your child to complete. You can reply with a comment and a video or photograph to show your child carrying out the challenge. Do not forget to tell us what they could do! You will be notified of these challenges via the Evidence Me app and by the email address linked to the account.

Live Sessions

Your child’s nursery teacher will host a live session twice a week on Microsoft Teams. These will be on a Tuesday and a Thursday at 2pm. These sessions are an opportunity for your child to see their friends and class teacher and to carry out an activity together e.g. story time, show and tell. The link to the session can be found in your calendar which for most is at the bottom of your device with a small calendar icon and tab.

Evidence Me app

During this school closure we will be asking parents to upload any of their child’s home learning onto the Evidence Me app. On the app, you are able to evidence your child’s learning through photographs, videos and written comments. Your child’s class teacher will be responding to these daily to give feedback and to provide next steps where appropriate. If you are experiencing problems, you can email work into the class email address.

If you require any additional support, please contact your child’s class teacher via their class email address:

Foundation 1 Non-Negotiable 

In writing, we are working on:  

  • I can write my first name using recognisable letters.  
  • I can tell an adult what I have written. 
  • I can use letter shapes when I am mark making.  
  • I can hear some sounds in my name 

In reading, we are working on:  

  • I can recognise my first name from a selection of names.  
  • I can handle books carefully and turn the pages.  
  • I can tell you something about a story I have read.  
  • I can show an awareness of rhyme when I am reading stories.  

In maths, we are working on:  

  • I can count to 10 (rote) 
  • I can recognise the numerals 1-5  
  • I can count objects in a line (to 5) 
  • I can recognise 2D shapes in the environment e.g. ‘Can you find a circle?’’  
  • I can continue a simple pattern.  

In physical development, we are working on:  

  • I can wash my hands after I have been to the toilet.  
  • I can go to the toilet by myself. 
  • I can put my coat on independently.  
  • I can hold mark making tools correctly.  
  • I can balance along a simple obstacle course.  

In personal, social and emotional development:  

  • I am aware of other children’s feeling and will share and take turns  
  • I feel confident about joining in with other children’s games.  

In communication, language and literacy, we are working on:  

  • I can follow a simple one step instruction.  
  • I can speak in a simple sentence.  
  • I can listen to and join in with simple, repetitive stories.