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Welcome to our Summer Term Blog

June 2017

Once again I was fortunate enough to attend the KS2 Sports Day on Wednesday afternoon on a warm and sunny day at Vernon Park. This year we were joined by the Peacocks, our first Year 3 Class based at Kersall Drive. It was nice to see so many friends and family who came along to cheer the children on.

As with previous years the children were very competitive and enthusiastic in taking part in all the various races, as well as cheering on their classmates. Heathfield appears to have many budding athletes of the future amongst them. With Mr Hicks, Mr Fullwood and Miss Malone doing a sterling job on the finishing line, a big thank you to all the other staff, who ensured that all the children were ready in place to take part in the next race moments after the previous race had finished. The afternoon finished with the parents/teachers running race which appeared to be as competitive as those involving the children!

On Friday I had the pleasure of attending the EYFS Sports Carnival at Scotland Road  involving our youngest children from Dolphins and Seahorses. The children enjoyed the competitive nature and had lots of fun!  Again it was nice to see so many friends and family who turned up to cheer the children on. Thank you once again to all the staff for their hard work in getting all the children to take part, and also a thank you to the handful of Year 5’s who were on hand to help the children in their races, and to hand out stickers!

Natalie Foster – Parent Governor

May 2017

Budget:  Following our additional budget meeting, we are supporting the school in setting a budget which will enable Heathfield to carry on providing the fantastic wealth of experiences for the children.  Schools are facing huge budget cuts and we will support the school in ensuring the best possible solutions for the future provision.

Training: Opportunities have been embraced as part of the Primary 6 Partnership.  This network of local governors is useful for sharing expertise and good practice.  Heidi Shewell-Cooper (P6P manager) is also a National Leader of Governance which is invaluable in providing us with additional guidance and support.

Monitoring: Governors have played an active part in the recent School Improvement Committee in partnership with William Booth Primary School.  Recent monitoring visits have included a focus on Mathematics and Behaviour.  This monitoring enables Governors to gain a higher profile amongst staff and pupils as well as giving the Governor a good understanding of the school’s strengths and developments.

New Recruit… We will be welcoming Miss Lisa Newcombe to the Governing Body as a co-opted governor.  Lisa’s daughter attends Kersall Drive Campus.

Welcome to our Spring Term Blog

19th January 2017

Another great session with local governors at the P6P looking at how to attract new Governors in the area and a common approach to induction for Governors.

If anyone would like any further information please contact the school.

20th December 2016

Well done to all staff and governors on the Ofsted Report. Really pleased to see that the school is thriving and continuing to be ‘good’. If you haven’t seen the report you can see a copy here.

Welcome to our Autumn Term Blog

What does a Governor do?

We often get asked by Parents ‘What does a Governor do?’

The official Governing Body role is to be a strategic board with 3 key functions.

  • Oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money well spent.
  • Hold the Headteacher and leadership team to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils.
  • Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.

But what does that actually mean and what have we been doing this term to evidence this?

Monitoring – As part of our role we undertake regular monitoring activities. This gives us the opportunity to get to know the staff, school and most importantly the children.  This is one of the many rewarding parts of being a Governor and involves walking around the school, taking to the  children and sitting in the classrooms during lessons. To ensure we get the most out of these visits we agree a focus area to support the Schools Development Plan.

Earlier in the year we invested in the ‘Maths No Problem’ scheme to improve our Maths attainment, so we elected to monitor this to see how the teachers are using the scheme and the impact on the children learning . As part of the monitoring review the Governors have key questions to answer from what they observed.

An example of some of these questions are;

  • Does the scheme support the quality of teaching, learning and assessment?
  • How is the scheme being used and is it clear that teachers are taking ownership and not just methodically working their way through the text book?
  • Are the children being given the opportunity to work on a wide range of maths topics and calculations?
  • Are children of differing abilities being given resources such as manipulatives to support their understanding?


On monitoring the Hedgehogs Class using the outside space to practice their subtraction the link Governor wrte: “A fantastic interactive session for the children. A practical example of subtraction was used with Mrs Fisher being the bus driver and children getting off the bus, the children working out how many children were left after each bus stop.”

Attendance at Parents Evening

Great to meet so many of you at Scotland Road Parents Evening. We had a great turnout with 88% at Kersall Drive and 86% at Scotland Road.

Training with Primary 6 Partnership Network (P6P) – Effective Monitoring of Safeguarding

We also are part of the P6P network which is a partnership of local Nottingham City Schools. We meet regularly to share expertise and resources to be as efficient and effective as possible, to enable children, staff and communities reach their potential. We attended a great session recently on Safeguarding and how the Governing Body ensures that their monitoring of safeguarding is effective and that we understand what our responsibilities are to our children.

How do we know we are an effective Governing Body? – One of our responsibilities is to ensure we comply with the Governors Code of Conduct and it is important that we continually self- evaluate and review our governing body. Over the next few months we will be spending some time holding discussions with each governor to ensure we continue to be effective and have the right skills.  The outputs will be collated to identify strengths and weaknesses to improve effective governance and will be published on our Governors page.

Finally ….We have our own twitter feed,   where you can follow our monitoring activities, please feel free to follow us @heathfieldgovs

Heathfield Primary and Nursery Governing Body