It is our vision that children who attend Heathfield Primary and Nursery School will become life-long learners. The curriculum at Heathfield has been designed to promote children’s creativity and the development of skills to enable them to have an enriching, enjoyable and successful education.

We recognise that by providing a rich, varied and appropriate curriculum this will facilitate meaningful learning. Our curriculum has been designed in consultation and partnership with ‘Creative Curriculum Specialists’, and our stakeholders including parents/carers and pupils, who all supported us in ensuring an engaging, detailed and progressive curriculum. The curriculum is creative and personalised as appropriate and tailored to meet the needs of all pupils and promotes their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  We maximise opportunities to embed British values through all aspects of the curriculum as well as seizing upon significant events, such as the recent general election, in order to deliver the school’s vision and aims.

The curriculum for each key phase follows a two year cycle which is regularly reviewed and adapted by the teachers to maximise coverage of subjects and appeal for all pupils. The successful impact of this work is reflected in the children’s excellent behaviour and attitudes to learning.

A range of learning opportunities are in place to support the teaching of our creative curriculum, including: educational visits and visitors in addition to residential trips (supported by the Pupil Premium Grant), personalised provision to ensure inclusion for all, stimulating learning environments, innovative use of resources and a varied timetable of after-school activities. A wide range of enrichment and enjoyment activities, including a minimum of three residential opportunities, are embedded in the curriculum and these are used effectively to engage pupils, develop social skills and provide much needed life experiences.

The tangible ethos in school is a reflection of this commitment from all to the education of the whole child and our pupils clearly prosper from this high quality provision. Heathfield is proud of its diversity and the curriculum, both during and after school, draws upon this rich resource.

There is a very strong systematic focus on the development of key skills in English and Maths providing many opportunities for pupils to use and apply their knowledge and skills. The majority of subjects are delivered through topics that creatively link the learning. Improvements in the curriculum have yielded even greater engagement from pupils as well enhancing retention of the areas and skills studied.