Who’s Who?

Senior Leadership

Name: Mr Fullwood
Role: Executive Head Teacher

Name: Miss Dickens
Role: Head of School
Location: Kersall Drive

Name: Mr Hicks
Role: Head of School
Location: Scotland Road

Leadership Team

Mr Padley – Assistant Head & Y5/6 Phase Leader

Mr Battison – Assistant Head

Mrs West – EYFS Phase Leader

Mrs Abasspour – KS1 Phase Leader

Miss Jeremiah – Year 3/4 Phase Leader

Management Team

Mrs Rogers – EYFS Deputy Phase Leader

Miss Hunt- Year 3/4 Deputy Phase Leader

Mrs Downer – Year 1/2 Deputy Phase Leader

Miss Hampson/Miss McColl – SENDCOs

Miss Reast/Mrs Malone  – Level 4 TAs


Mrs Adams- School Business Manager

Mrs Middleton – Office Manager SR

Mr Whitehead – Office Manager KD

Miss Simons – Office Administration KD

Mrs Leatham – Office Administration SR


Mrs Gibbs

Miss McColl

Miss Buckley

Miss Fyles

Mrs Rogers

Mrs Day

Miss Hampson

Mrs Downer

Miss Cousins

Miss Hopkins

Miss Perkins

Miss Wilkins

Miss Mundy-Gill

Miss Clarke

Miss Wilson

Miss Hunt

Miss Weaver

Mrs Comber

Miss Wiser

Mrs Hardy

Miss Shaw

Miss Gell

Mr Shepheard

Ms Martindale

Mr Cruickshank

Mrs Leighton

Mr Turner-Rowe

Mr Charles

Miss Vasey

Miss Johnson

Miss Shah

Mrs Hicks

Teaching Assistants

Miss Bradley

Mrs Dady

Mrs Danylyszyn

Mrs Quinton

Miss Williams

Mrs Young

Mrs Thomas

Mrs Allen

Mrs Morton

Miss Bell

Mrs Webster

Miss Mackay

Mrs Fitch

Mr Leivers

Miss Evans

Mrs Gwynne

Miss Redmile

Mrs Sandhu

Miss Ramsden

Miss Mead

Mrs Graham

Miss Hayes

Safeguarding Officer

Mrs Dyer

Pastoral Support

Miss Papp

Miss Parmiter

Mrs Baker

Site Managers

Mr Maltby – Scotland Road

Mr Griffiths – Kersall Drive

Lead Midday Supervisors

Jane Nixon

Zoe Anderson

Breakfast and After School Club

Mrs Thomas – Manager

Mrs Graham – Deputy Manager

Mrs De Silva Martins

Mrs Ray

Mrs Hudson

Mrs Martell

Mrs Nixon