School Council

Heathfield School Council


We have been elected as School Councillors by our classes through a democratic voting system.

As councillors, our attributes are:

  • Excellent listening skills
  • A willingness to participate in discussions and ideas
  • Good organisation
  • A willingness to participate in regular school council meetings
  • Enthusiasm for new ideas and promote the Heathfield Ethos
  • A drive to promote positive values and show these in their behaviour and attitude
  • The ability to communicate pupil voice

During the school year, we will meet regularly to discuss important issues. These might include how to improve school dinners, how to fundraise for emergency appeals, reviewing the School Development Plan, organising charity events and sharing ideas that other children want for their class.

The older members of the School Council reviewed our child friendly veriosn of the Safeguarding Policy – Keeping Heathfield Safe to ensure it was understandable and useful for all ages.