Sports Grant

PE and Sports Grant

Every school in England was been given a large sum of money to spend on PE and health. This is part of the government’s plan to keep alive the legacy of the Olympic Games and to inspire a new generation.


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At Heathfield, for the academic year 2017/18 eligible pupils (Y1-6) generated £15,386.

The Governors chose to spend the majority of this money once again on our own PE sports specialist coach Mr McGrory. Mr McGrory has 13 years of experience teaching PE in Primary schools and outside school he is a National League Basketball coach, coaching all ages from 5-18 years old.

Mr McGrory, a PE sports specialist, works 3.5 days a week over the current academic year. The addition of Mr McGrory to our school, has had a huge impact on both the staff and the children. It has helped to improve the quality of sport in our school but also the importance of: never giving up; team work; leadership; respect; communication between children; problem solving and hard work.

The remainder of the money (£1500) was used to: purchase new equipment; provide staff CPD; fund expenses to attend competitions and sporting events; additional external coaches to work with the children and spare PE kit to ensure children do not miss PE due to lack of PE. Heathfield pupils participated in more competitions and events last year than ever before. We participated in over 24 inter school competitions and more intra school competitions.

Some of our oldest children at each campus participate in a Sports Leadership training program which enables to them become Bronze level Young Sport Ambassadors. This involves a training program at Nottingham Trent University and then working with and supporting young people during lessons and after school. So far we have trained 24 children as part of this program.

These ambassadors run lunch time clubs, support after school clubs, help to deliver Year 1 PE lessons, assist with Sports day and run competitions to help increase children’s physical activity. Their work in school has had a big impact on their own development, self-esteem and engagement with other children. They are excellent role models with great enthusiasm, and have helped raise enjoyment and achievement of PE and Sport in school.

Mr McGrory said, “I am very excited to be here. Heathfield is a school that really pushes the importance of physical education and a healthy lifestyle. Not only will I bring my experience of coaching I will also be mentoring every teacher and helping them improve the quality of their sessions.”

The Impact of the PE and Sports Premium

The Subject Leaders evaluate the impact of the PE and Sports Premium funding as part of the normal subject monitoring arrangements. We have used our PE and Sport Premium to: improve the quality and breadth of PE and sporting provision; including increasing participation in PE and sport, so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of. We have also engaged the least active pupils by targeting specific children to work in small groups with Mr McGrory.

How we measure impact at Heathfield?

  • Staff surveys annually
  • Pupil surveys annually
  • Staff working with Mr McGrory
  • Pentathlon Challenge assessment of skills for all KS2 children in Autumn and Summer terms by Mr McGrory
  • Registers maintained and monitored for all children participating in after school clubs identifying an increase over the year and also focusing upon children eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant
  • KS1 pupil surveys Summer term
  • Teacher and coach observations showing skills learned from the coach
  • End of year pupil dialogues
  • Spare kit purchased so that no child has to miss PE due to lack of PE kit
  • Fundamental skills assessments for all KS1 children every 3 weeks by Mr McGrory and class teachers and half termly for KS2 to identify difficulties / gaps to improve in lessons and to inform planning
  • Talented children identified and directed to community clubs
  • Survey for parents

The profile of PE is raised by recognition certificates at the end of each week and end of each half term for effort and achievement and with the Sporting Champion trophy at the end of the year. (based on involvement not just success)Annual Pupil interviews and questionnaires will be carried out in summer term 2018.

Spending the majority of the funding employing a sports specialist has had a positive impact both on the pupils and staff over the last few years.  The questionnaires have been valuable in finding out the views of pupils and to identify areas for development.  More children are attending sports clubs, are members of clubs or participating in more sport out of school. These questionnaires will be done annually from now on.T he reasons they like it include the coaches, fitness, fun and the variety of sport. The PE activities enjoyed the most included most sport covered but in particular children enjoy going to Vernon Park for the Sports Day each year to get both campuses together in one place..


Each half term Mr McGrory assesses all children with the teachers, and completes assessment reports for each area. These are for the teachers to use to inform planning and delivery. They are accessible on the network and show whether a child is working below average, at average or above at the end of each block. This term we have improved the assessment by assessing children both at the start and end of each block and adding in ‘+’ for each area to show progress within a level.  All KS2 children took the Pentathlon challenge in the Autumn term and results of their fitness were recorded. These are repeated in July and to show fitness levels. This is now an integral part of the assessment calendar.

Staff Questionnaires:

Each year all teaching staff are given a questionnaire to complete. The majority of responses to confidence in teaching PE were good, which is an improvement year on year. Since working with Mr McGrory and having had some training with an external provider for gymnastics, staff confidence in teaching PE has increased. The key point identified is that having a specialised sports coach has helped improved confidence, subject knowledge and skills and all staff have commented on what a great asset to school he is. It has also given staff time to observe children better and make more informed assessments.  Early Years staff would like to have the coach working with them, however due to numbers of children, this would prove difficult due to time. They also feel they miss many PE sessions due to the hall being used for other purposes.  Dance and gymnastics (using apparatus) remain the areas in which staff are less confident.

After school club participation 

Having analysed the uptake of after school sports clubs over the last few years it is clear that the sports premium has had a positive impact. The Subject Leaders have been able to identify children who had not previously participated and proactively offered places at clubs to them first. Having Mr McGrory in school has enabled school to offer clubs at lunchtime also. The number of children eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant attending extra –curricular sports clubs has increased since last year.

Pupil Questionnaires

All children felt that PE has improved since having Mr McGrory working with them, less children have no kit, no one misses PE, they feel he is an expert and is better at PE than the teachers.

The key messages learned were that over 92% children enjoy PE at Heathfield.