Year 1 & 2

In Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2):


The main homework for Key Stage 1 children is to READ at home as often as possible with an adult. Each child will receive a new book banded reading book every week. It is important this is read several times so children can develop their fluency and understanding of the text. Once complete asking them questions about what they have read will ensure they are developing their inference skills too!

If a child has read their book several times and requires a new book before their book bag day please encourage your child to let their teacher know.

Please record their reading on their ‘Rainbow Reading Challenge Cards’. Our school expectation is to listen to your child read at least 3 times a week and sign their card. Once your child has read 3 times their card will be stamped by their teacher. Once their card is completed they will receive the next ‘Rainbow Reading Challenge Card’. The children can move through the colours of the Rainbow to collect them all- they may also receive certificates and vouchers for our school book fairs.

Additionally don’t forget to read to your child. Hearing stories is just as important, as children learn new vocabulary that might not be accessible in their book banded books.

Bright Ideas

Every Monday your child will receive their homework in the form of a KS1 ‘Bright Ideas’ sheet similar to what they previously received in EYFS. This includes:

English– A weekly summary of what we are doing in English is shared so parents can engage in discussions with their child about what they are learning about. Teachers might share text maps or key vocabulary that children are learning in class so they can practise and share with you. Year group spellings e.g. common exception words, tricky words, phonic patterns are also sent home for children to practise through look, cover, write check and other activities. These are then tested in class at the end of the week and looked for in children’s independent writing.

 Maths– Weekly year group activities related to the previous week’s learning are sent home for completion. This work is to consolidate their learning from the previous week to show parents mathematical topics they are developing in and ensure they are retaining newly learnt skills when working away from the classroom. These may be in the form of a worksheet to complete or a suggested practical activity or game.

Topic– Creative and often practical activities are given out regularly. These could include producing: artwork, stories or models linked to the class topic and we encourage parents to get involved in the project with the children so they too can learn about half termly topics too. We love sharing these with the class and displaying throughout school!