Music Tuition

Heathfield is very proud of the emphasis placed on music tuition in school. 

On Mondays, all Year 4 children access the Whole Class Ensemble Tuition for stringed instruments and are learning either the cello, violin or viola.

We also offer small group tuition in the viola, cello, violin and guitar for those children in Years 5 and 6 who show a particular strength during the WCET sessions or an interest in learning an instrument at a greater depth. 

Currently 17 children have small group tuition for violin, 11 children are making progress in the viola and 19 children are enjoying the challenge of playing the cello.

We have had a number of children take music exams at the end of the year with some achieving passes and distinctions at Grade 1.  A couple of children also succeeded in achieving Grade 2.

In addition to the instrument tuition, Miss Dickson is released from class for half a day a week to work in each phase for a term, providing specific music teaching.  This enables her skills to be shared with the other teachers providing them with some peer led CPD.

Our choir and events in school are used to showcase the talent we are nurturing.